Difference between Baisalam and Istisna

1. Payment:
(a) Bai-Salam: It is necessary that total payment is paid in advanced.
(b) Bai-Istisna: Total payment can be done upfront or at the end or by installment
2. Commodity:
(a) Bai-Salam: Agricultural products, fungible or generic goods. E.g. Paddy rice, wheat, corn
etc ( either manufacturing or not)

(b) Bai-Istisna: Construction or manufacturing products i.e. it is unique goods. E.g. Buildings,
set of table, car, gate etc (always needs manufacturing)
3. Canellation:
(a) Bai-Salam: The contract of Salam, once effected, cannot be cancelled unilaterally,
(b) Bai-Istisna: The contract of Istisna can be cancelled before the manufacturer starts the
4. Time of delivery:
(a) Bai-Salam: The time of delivery is an essential part of the sale in Salam
(b) Bai-Istisna: it is not necessary in Istina/ it can be fixed.
5. Penalty:
(a) Bai-Salam: The penalty amount is paid to charity (not taken as benefit for the buyer).
(b) Bai-Istisna: Any penalty for charged late delivery can reduce the price of an Istisna
contract .

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