Documents used in International Trade

International Trade documents may be classified as under:

1. Commercial documents
2. Official documents
3. Insurance documents
4. Transport documents
5. Financial and financing documents

1. Commercial documents:
i) Invoice
a) Proforma Invoice
b) Commercial Invoice
c) Certified Invoice
ii) Certificate of origin
iii) Weight notes or certificates
iv) Packing list
v) Quality or Inspection certificate

2. Official documents:
i) Consular Invoice
ii) Legalized Invoice
iii) Black-listed Certificate
iv) Health, Veterinary and Sanitary Certificate, Certificate of Analysis

3. Insurance documents:
i) Marine Cargo Insurance
ii) Marine Hull Insurance
iii) Freight

Main types of Marine Insurance Policies are:
i) Floating policy
ii) Time policy
iii) Voyage policy
iv) Mixed policy
v) Open cover or Blank policy
vi) Specific policy
vii) Valued policy
vii) Unvalued policy

4. Transport documents:
i) Airway Bill/ Air consignment Note
ii) Mate's Receipt
iii) Bill of Lading
iv) Railway consignment Note/Railway Receipt
v) Roadway Bill
vi) Post Parcel Documents

5. Financial and financing documents:
i) Bill of exchange
ii) Promissory Note
iii) Trust Receipt

Other Documents:
There are some important documents related with International Trade
i) Dock, Wharfinger's Receipt
ii) Dock Warrants, Warehouse Warrants
iii) Delivery Orders
iv) Shipping bill
v) Bill of entry/Import manifest
vi) Custom Duties
vii) Warehousing

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