The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institution(CIBAFI)

The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institution (CIBAFI) is one of the 4 "I's"
International Islamic Infrastructure Institutions. It is a non-profit organization and it was
established and hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain on May 16, 2001. It is an affiliated organ to
the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
. The council membership includes a large
number of banks and financial institutions registered in various countries around the world
regulated by central banks. CIBAFI has been headquartered in Bahrain due to its positioning
in the Arab and global financial industry.

To participate efficiently and effectively in supporting a universal Islamic economic system.
To represent the Islamic Finance Industry globally. To participate in defending and protecting its ro
and to offer support for its expansion
1. Promote Islamic financial institutions, disseminate concepts, develop and promote Islamic
financial industry.
2. Consolidate co-operation among members of the Council and similar institutions in ar
which serve the common objectives.
3. Provide information related to Islamic banks and financial institutions and relevant Islamic
4. Promote members’ interests; protect the industry and its safe course, confront the common
difficulties and challenges and promote cooperation among members.

CIBAFI Certifications & Diploma

CIBAFI issues various professional certificates that meet the various requirements of
international training standards.

Professional Certificates:
· The Certified Islamic Banker
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Accounting
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance
· The Certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management.

Professional Diplomas:
· Professional Advanced Diploma in Shari’a Auditing
· Professional Diploma in Accounting in IFIs
· Professional Diploma in Risk Management in IFI

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